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Thread: People cheating/bypass CONTENT LOCKER

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    Unhappy People cheating/bypass CONTENT LOCKER

    I have use LB as my alternative money maker since 3 years ago. I love using linkbuck and currently making huge money with content locker. But unfortunately, people getting smarter and bypass all LB/content locker link and we will get nothing with it..hope anyone now on how we can handle this situation.

    p/s: i'm suggesting LB crew updating/creating an SOLID and unBreakable LB/Content Locker link in the future.

    I'm so sad..1k download but $0.02 nowadays

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    People nowadays are very clever at cheating other people. hostsailor When we do some work and someone else easily hacks and takes the information and go. That will never a good or right way to do. Cheating others' efforts and getting money can never be called humanity.

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