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Thread: making blogs to make money using linkbunks

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    Wink making blogs to make money using linkbunks

    Hi everyone, i have made a few dollars so far using this methods:-
    feel free to try......
    1. i did a blog using came out with this..... ( its a blogspot displaying all young malay girls)

    Before doing the blog..... i went to imagefap to copy some nice porn photos ..........
    go here :

    use the html codes given at the bottom of the galleries and add them in you blog designs.

    2. after all the work......make sure you add your blog in as many forums or websites you can get.....

    3. the next thing to do is to put all links you can get into facebook....preferably not to use xxx sites.
    use facebook url cloaker........its the only way to cloak your linkbucks link.....

    u want the link??? you need email to [email protected]

    more to come......tq...linkbucks and to all here in the forum.

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