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Thread: Linkbucks script not working in blogspot

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    Exclamation Linkbucks script not working in blogspot

    I have created a new account on 5.11.13 and added full page script using "add gadget option" it seems to work fine but I tried to add exception links and updated then the poblem started. After doing this process I found that my oubound links are not converted into linkbucks url . Then I tried to add the script after <head> then add before </body> , but no use . I still couldnt get the script working in my blog .

    My blog is

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    well try deleting that code generate a new one and include your exceptions links like your site so the navigation work normal without converted links, the script i got it added on my Layout as a HTML/Script gadget and is working fine no need to put it on the <head> thats for the entry page script, hope this would help greets and add me if you need tips or anything

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    I'll assume either this worked, as you didn't come back, or you were really hoping we'd click on that link.

    The script was probably cached. Clear your cache and try again.

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