To make this linkbucks guide as complete as possible I'm going to share my best Strategy's That I use to make 10$ a day on linkbucks. Ok Lets get started!!!


This is the one that makes me the most money per month

Things you will need are a Linkbucks account a YouTube account and a free YouTube Downloader

Sing Up For Linkbucks At-

Sing Up For YouTube At-

Free YouTube Downloader At-

Ok now that you have all that you need lets get started. There are two ways you can go about this the nice guy way are the money hungry way. For likeability reasons I will not say what one I use lets just say you want as much money as possible. You would first make a new youtube account while making it disable the comments and likes on the account. Second find a link any link you want could be a blog are a Youtube Video are anything like that. After you have found your link you would copy the hole link must include the http:// take it over to linkbucks and shorten it. Once you have done this you will copy the link from link bucks and visit if you don't know what Tinyurl is they are a site like linkbucks with two differences you don't need a account and they don't pay you : ( sad I know. But back to the point after you visit tinyurl past your link there and it will be turned in to a new tinyurl link.

After that take that link back over to linkbucks and repeat this 3 to 4 times you can do this as much as you want of course but I would go no lower then 3 and no more then 6 times after you have done this you will have a cluster of ads on one link meaning if some one clicks on your link it shows a 5 sec ad then a skip ad button will appear on the top right if they click skip it will then take them to yet another ad and you make twice as much. Sounds to good right? lol well I have had people skip though up to 6 ads from my videos on youtube ok now that you have got down how to set your links up here comes the easy part. log on to your youtube account and search for some videos with high views I would suggest making a kind of niche youtube account meaning only one type of videos on each account.
Since im nice I will let you in on two of my top money making youtube niche videos #1 Free Video Games if you search that in youtube you will be able to find lots of good videos to use and you can also use Free Ps3 Games, Free Xbox360 Games, Free Pc Games and the list gos on and #2 Is Free movies online when I do this I mostly put in titles that have either just came out are if they are not out yet go with something like Special Sneak Peek Of 21 Jump street are something along them lines they have worked very well!!! After you have found some other peoples videos with some nice amounts of views you just copy there url and past it in to the YouTube downloader from above are if you already have one you like then you can use it they pretty much all work the same past a video URL in and download it some were to your computer then you can re-upload it to youtube as your own.

(NOTE When doing this YouTube Will place ads on your video and you will not make money) But thats ok because we are only trying to get people to click on are links below the video so we can make money from linkbucks ok so now that I have let you in on how I make most of my money from linkbucks I will give you a Example of a Youtube layout After you have uploaded you video on youtube lets just say I found a Free World Of Warcraft Money Guide I would change the title of my same re-uploaded Youtube video to something like 2012 World Of Warcraft Money Guide are something like that so mine sounds more up to date And I would copy and paste there tags into my tags so you can have the same great tags that got there video so much views.

And in the description box I would put something catchy that makes you almost have to click like To Read The Ultimate Up Dated 2012 World Of Warcraft Money Guide are something along those lines. Well thats all I have for you with Strategy#1 be sure so Subscribe for more ways to make money online enjoy!!!

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