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Thread: Payoneer payment method issue!

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    Unhappy Payoneer payment method issue!

    Hey guys!
    I've recently changed my payment method to Payoneer to test it out, but when I requested the money it gives me an error saying "...payment failed.." i can't remember the exact error message! so then i've changed my payment method back to Paypal and when i went to request payment it shows $0 in balance! WTF!
    linkbucks needs to seriously work on sth before making it available to the users!

    anyone had the same issue please enlighten me!

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    Then i have to stick with paypal or payza

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    Your problem has NOTHING to do with PAYONEER, the message "automatic payment failed" shows when your payment is going to REVIEW. That means that you have to wait 7 to 12 days to get your payment (and yes, this happens with ALL payment processors: PayPal, Payza and Payoneer)

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    Thank you for the reply, @juanca77.

    If anyone has additional questions or feedback about Payoneer, please don't hesitate to ask.
    Nissim | Head of Community at Payoneer

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    Payza is in trouble Now. moviesdown, Have you received your payment through payoneer?update

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    hi when i ask to send my payement to my verified paypal account from Morroco i get in the next day and email saying automatic refund
    i have about 25$

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