Have you noticed that Linkbucks now issues links using a new linkcode format?

Under the old format, links looked like this: http://linkcode.linkbucks.com/

Under the new format, links look like this: http://www.linkbucks.com/linkcode/

For at least the next six months, all old-format linkcodes on supported alias domains will continue to work. After that period, we will notify affected publishers and phase out support.

There are a handful of alias domains we have discontinued support for, and those link codes will cease to work sometime in the next three months. If you are using a linkcode on one of these domains, your link is currently redirecting to this URL:
http://warning-this-linkcode-will-cease-working-soon.www.linkbucksdns.com/linkcode/. So if you're seeing this URL then now's a good time to make a new linkcode.

You Can Manually Switch to the New Linkcode Format

You don't have to generate a new linkcode to update to the new format! All old-format linkcodes will work if you simply change the URL to meet the new linkcode format as described above.

We encourage you to do this with your existing old-format linkcodes. Feel free to ask questions if you need any assistance.

Happy linking