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Thread: Is it possible to block certain ads when making money on Linkbucks?

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    Default Is it possible to block certain ads when making money on Linkbucks?

    Hello. I have a very simple question regarding the ads showed when clicking on Linkbucks links:
    - Is it possible to deselect certain ads from being displayed? Because currently people who click on my links get an ad where it automatically downloads some sort of software to your computer, which is rather annoying and unpleasant.
    Thank you for your time reading my thread.

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    Yes. you can Block the add maker because a particular one is annoying it. helpful hints Before blocking you will get a notification whether to disable the ad blocker or to enable add blocker. otherwise, they will find new ways for it.

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    The answer is no if you are going to download this video directly from Linkbucks. Because it is the owner of the website who decides that, not you. So you can find their videos on YouTube and use youtube downloader online to watch them on your PC without ads. But ask permission first, maybe they will not allow it either.

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    I don't know about it but I think LinkBuck should give this feature to its users to avoid such unpleasant things in ads. I am an owner of the site that serves cheap coursework help to the clients I subscribed to Linkbuck service but I never experience this issue in my site. But it not necessary that I experience those things from which you suffer.

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