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Thread: iDeaS - A Nintendo DS Emulator

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    Default iDeaS - A Nintendo DS Emulator

    I have been using this emulator for a while now and only problem with it is bad sound so if your interested:

    (Please do not use pirated DS games)

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    lol the reason why people get ^ that is 2 pirate games :P

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    I use it for my backed up games.

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    the graphic is like dog shit lol! ( really crap )

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    get a graphics plugin?

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    The plugins are the downloads right under the main download just scroll down. Most emulators are based on plugins.

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    This emulator is used while we are downloading the games but it has very bad graphics and voice is too bad to hear. Recently I use boom essays review it is better than other emulator.

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    New emulator development found for the NDS. Its called IDeaS which the symbolic of Ideas and DS (obviously). The second best (after DeSmuME) emu ... buy instagram followers cheap

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    - Citra is a user-friendly program that allows you to play Nintendo 3DS games on your computer. It is an open source DS emulator compatible with BY epicfollowerscanada

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    Default followers uk

    This thread contains answers to some commonly (and a few not so commonly) asked questions ... Q: Does DraStic support 3DS/2DS games? BY FOLLOWERS UK

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