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Thread: Guide for newbies, earning $ 10 per day with Linkbucks

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    Post Guide for newbies, earning $ 10 per day with Linkbucks

    Methods of gain

    Now that you've learned the basics , let's move to a higher level ... Ok, you have established their relationship and now it's time to fix ... Where, you ask? Everything depends on the content, and there are multiple ways of fixing them ... Here I have collected the most effective and important ways , the easiest to the most advanced ; Of course you do not have to use
    everyone, just the ones that fit your content or requiring less time ... Continue reading

    The method of the Gallery-Dump [+18 ]

    This is the oldest method to win cash on linkbucks , but it is also the easiest. Many people use this method, and you have to think that the more people use a less effective method is ... but still you will get 0.5 $ / additional day with this method. Many people have explained this, so I'll only lol re- explanation :

    This method is all about photos of adults ( you need ~ 200 photos / day) but do not worry if you have not got any , here I will teach you how to " snook " ...

    1. Scroll to or .
    Here is where we take our photos . In none of these you can browse the galleries that others have posted, so start browsing until you find a gallery you like ( for example this: ) .

    Two . Generate board clicking on " Get all code " ( in sharedimages ) or " generate the HTML or BBcode here " ( in imagereverb and imagefap ( at the bottom of the page) ) . Select a row 4 photos if you wonder how a row photo you want and finally copy the code .

    Three . Scroll the links Linkbucks > Create Links > Multiple and paste the board in the box. Select adult 18 mobile as ad type . Copy the code to generate linkbucks .

    April . Attach that code in various gallery-dumps (these are the sites where you download galleries pictures). There are lots of gallery-dumps , I suggest only some of them : , , new.php or

    The method of the forums ( 18 -18)

    spoiler :
    Perhaps , this is the method most people use to make money with linkbucks , but is still as effective as if no one knew about it ... Why? Because there are thousands of forums you can choose, so each post in various forums and the method does not loose effectiveness. With this method you can get $ 1 to $ 5 per day , depending on the forums that you post. (20 forums> $ 1 , 100 Forum
    > $ 5 ... ) This method also allows you to earn from other sites, it is unlimited and depends only on the time you want to spend or forums you want to register.

    " Choose the method thread "

    spoiler :
    The most used and best forums for beginners ... method is perhaps not the best , but it is the easiest and fastest .

    . 1 Joined some forums ( the more you join, the more you win ); For this example we will use (18 ) but you can also use other forums . We will also use pictures for adults to gain from this method, but you can use the software , games , wallpapers, ...

    Two . Follow the first 3 steps of the method of the gallery - download if you know where to get images or convert them to ... and connecting linkbucks post that you just placed .

    Three . Scroll to the appropriate section of the forum ( in this case " fans " ) and start a new thread . The title has to be very attractive, as " the hottest fans around the world must see " or something similar. Secure the board of his drawings there ( NOTE : Use at least 40 pictures / thread on this method)

    April . Thats it , you are already winning ^ ^ . Do this 3-6 times a day if you want to get the best results ( less pointless and more will be considered as spam) and follow the rules of each forum ( no spam and no less basically set the old content )

    Method Website

    Possession of a website or a blog ( not done in blogger ) is the best way to make money with linkbucks ; Not many people have a good website , but having one can make lots of money . You can easily make $ 10 per day if you have a high traffic website (which is how people get $ 20 daily here in linkbucks ) . What to do:

    1: Create a single website or blog content and a good post . Arrive traffic to your site by autosurfers , traffic exchange , SEO , backlinks ... Attracting traffic is the hardest part , but if you keep the daily fix it easier.

    2: Once you have a medium - high website / blog traffic , it's time to put ads like adsense or anything like linkbucks for all your links . Do not do this until you have a minimum traffic or people will leave your website immediately.

    3: Create a full-page write in linkbucks . Put MOBILE as ad type and put the link exclusions you want, etc ... Linkbucks then give you a short code ; Copy it .

    4: Go to your website / blog and correct the code . The code will have a label at the beginning and the tag on the end. Just paste the code between these two tags is as simple as that ^ ^

    5: Go to your website once you have added the code and click a random link on it. If a link linkbucks apareceen instead of a normal link, the code is working correctly. Also check that the coupling linkbucks redirects you to the original page .

    I will use this method when the bug blogger is solved and when I get more traffic to my blog ... This is the most difficult to earn money method , but once you have good traffic , you do not have to worry anymore ... You will gain to do nothing .

    Maximize your profits

    spoiler :
    We have now seen all the methods to earn cash, but if used correctly, can result in less profit or gain anything ... Here we will see some more parts to get more profit :

    1 - . MOBILE Use the type of ad you post always in galleries. This is the most important rule if you do not want people will click only one link instead of 30 also do not get the people who are angry .

    . 2 - Do not post all your galleries immediately. Any if the gallery download or method of forums you will get less clicks.

    . 3 - Do not attach more than 6 galleries daily (3 in some cases) . Posting more will only make you get a BANN any forum, and you would run the trick of the photo .

    . 4 - Get as many referrals as possible. Referrals will earn you more money even if you are not doing anything.



    If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask

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