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Thread: [FIX] Link Generator Not Working

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    Default [FIX] Link Generator Not Working

    Link generator was not working due to recent update but it was fixed.
    If you still cannot create links, this is a issue of your browser. You have to clear browser cache. Follow steps provided below to fix it.

    For Mozilla FireFox:

    1. Press CTRL+Shft+DEL on your key board.
    2. Select "everything" in "time range to clear" menu and select "cache" only.
    3. Click "clear now"

    For Google Chrome:

    1. Press CTRL+Shft+DEL on your key board.
    2. Select "in the beginning of time" in "obliterate the following items from" menu and select "cached images and files" only.
    3. Click "clear browsing data".

    Refresh page and try to create a link, it should work fine. IF it does not work, clear "cookies" too and try again by refreshing page.
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