View Poll Results: Your Opinion About Bermuda Triangle and Disappearance of Ships and Airplanes

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  • Mysterious forces exist there that destroy anyone who goes there

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  • Weather/Magnetic Field distrubance

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  • Nothing gets disappeared. False stories, its only bad luck of those ships and airplanes.

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  • Some specific region works as teleporter

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  • Other (Please describe in comments)

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Thread: What Do You Think Of Bermuda Triangle? What Happened To Ships And Airplanes?

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    Default What Do You Think Of Bermuda Triangle? What Happened To Ships And Airplanes?

    This topic makes me confuse so I decided to ask you guys. Select any option from poll and tell me why you selected it?

    Many online stories and articles says that ships and airplanes have been disappeared and never found. Recently Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 have been disappeared as well.
    If you ask my opinion I can't really say something very sure. But I believe those airplanes and ships aren't disappeared but are buried deep inside water or perhaps inside sea bed. Not sure if any search was done inside Bermuda triangle, might be due to lack of interest or fear. For me I think its their back luck. Anyways leave your comments below and tell me your opinions.
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