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    Im in the "im not a user yet, but interested" category. But the answer to this wont send me running. Ill still get into other uses, but as of right now, i just need something cleared up for me. Something i read about linkbucks gave me the impression that i could automatically attach linkbucks links to comments made in my blog. I couldnt find anything official here, so i figured id ask. Is this true?

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    Attaching links to comments? I didn't understood what you mean.
    What you can do is:
    1. Full Page Script: Converting all links to paid one on page after adding code to body tag.
    2. Visit Script: A single ad shown to visitor when they opens site.
    3. Multiple links: This allows linkbucks to convert ALL of the links on a page into Paid Links. You simply cut & paste the HTML of a page into the HTML box and it will generate a new page for you.
    4. Single link: no need to explain I guess.

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    I bet you've misunderstood some information. Did you want to add links to all comments appearing at your website automatically? Unfortunately, I can't imagine how it's possible...

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    Unfortunately, I also think that this is impossible ...

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    I do not understand the issue... but I am curious from what to start in linkbucks business I am a newbie here, so will appreciate some guides.

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