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Thread: API 'Multiple Links' and Grouping

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    Question API 'Multiple Links' and Grouping

    Hi All,

    I've recently built a wrapper for creating linkbucks links. I've followed the API and it works great... however...

    Is it possible to do "Multiple" Links via an API? I ask because when you create multiple links via the web interface, you have the option of giving them a 'group name', which is very helpful for tracking later. However the api doesn't allow a group name to be given for a single link, as such you can't combine multiple similar links, such as different .net projects, under a group of "VB.Net Projects", or "C# Projects".

    I use a linkbucks links to point to several different downloads for different projects I've made. I want to group them under "VB.Net Projects". If i upload one link at a time, I'm not given any option (either via api or web interface) to set a group name. If i upload them all at the same time, via the web interface in the 'multiple links' section, I'm able to set a group name and can then track how well that group is doing at a later date.

    Is there any way to add a group name via the API?

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    Contact support for this I don't know about that:

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