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Thread: My account is limited, but did not receive reply from the Support Team

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    Question My account is limited, but did not receive reply from the Support Team

    I have contact to the Support Team,
    their final reply was:
    Sorry, your traffic in general is just not acceptable. Your skip ad click rate is only 6% and your mouse move rate is only 8%. Only 9% of your visitors complete the wait/countdown.
    However, I don't know why my traffic consisted of high amount of empty referrels before you tell me the truth.
    I replied to the Support Team, I said that I strongly beleive that some visitors hack my link and cause such problem.

    However, I did not receive reply from the Support Team anymore.
    So I post this message to the forum.

    I sincerely hope that you may provide an opportunity for me to correct my mistake.

    I must make an declaration for my visitor from stopping to hack my links.

    Would you please consider my situation, temporarily disable my "limited status", and give me a "final chance"?

    Thank you for your attention!!

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    Your title says you didn't received reply but you did received. You have to contact them by email not by forums. And create another account if you wish.
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    My English is not so good, sorry about that.

    I would try to contact them again.

    Thank you for your reply.

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    Contacting support again won't do any good. They gave you a reply with explanatory statistics, and if your traffic is that poor then your account will remain limited. No sense wasting your time or theirs.
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