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    Good day to whoever admins this.

    My account is limited and I contacted support. I was replied that I had too many empty referrers though I have no control over this and I am sure I did not break any of the rules. Is there anything I can do to revert this as this was never my fault in the first place? I have also replied to support but they are taking a few couple of days(2-5) to reply based on the first email. These number of days are a lot of earnings lost.

    I am tempted to change affiliates if this continues to go on as it shows that you do not have your publishers, the majority of people who help you earn because we provide you the ad views, in your top priorities.

    Also, when my account is limited, I believe it was stated that the link I have placed continue to be active? This means that you are earning from those clicks without us getting paid for our traffic.

    I hope someone does something about this.

    Thank you!

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    Only support can help you solve issue of being limited. Anyone with empty referrers is limited and so you. It could be prevented by earning clicks/traffic from a good source. Empty referrers causes accounts to get limited.

    Links would be alive, this is to prevent anyone's site/page getting filled with dead links. And if anyone's account is limited by mistake. he/she could get his account back as it was.

    Your account is limited due to empty referrers and it would remain limited as "traffic source" isn't recognized.

    To get help for this issue you have to contact support, they have all the authorities to review and to remove limitation if it is done by mistake.

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