A while a go after visiting my account, and I got Limited Account?

  • Fraudulently generating impressions via: bots, scripts, auto-refreshes, iframes, pops, etc.
  • Using links for uses other then intended such as popping intermissions pages.
  • Hacking other websites illegally to display or pop your links.
  • Embedding your links in malware or programs without user consent.
  • Distributing illegal content or child pornography.
  • Unwelcome spamming of other sites without permission using your links.
  • Encouraging your users to click on advertisements that appear on links.
  • Incorrectly categorizing your link content as adult or non-adult.
  • Extremely poor ad click-through rate on your links. (this is mostly due to the above)

After reading that so many times, I didn't do anything that can limit my account.
Can you please Review/re-check my account?