Hello everyone. Today I am showing you ways on earning money on linkbucks. These are the methods I use for linkbucks money making. If you follow these methods in the correct ways, you will start earning money in a daily basis.

First Method: The Smart Blogger

If you are a smart blogger, you would use this method. It automatically takes user to Paid Link and returns him back. You just add the code it generates to every page in the <head> tag and you will start making money.
How to use this method properly?
1. Get a decent blog/website with a decent amount of visitors.
2. Go to linkbucks.com>create links> visit script.
3. Fill in all the forms.
3. Put the html code in top of the <head> tab.
4. Watch your money grow.

Second Method: Links Method

This method changes all your links in your blog to a linkbucks link.
Link: https://www.linkbucks.com/CreateLinks/FullPage/
After you fill the forms, change the frequency to around 1-4. No more then 4, your visitors can get annoyed.

Third Method: Thumbnails and Galleries!

This method is kind of fun. Make money with images, sounds interesting eh? Well, here are the steps.
1. Upload your image to http://imagevenue.com
2. Copy the hotlink clickable thumbnail website code.
3. Paste the code into the create link>multiple links tab, select options.
4. Go to manage links and copy your new converted Linkbucks link.
5. Post your thumbnails in your website, blog or maybe forums.

Fourth Method: Friends = $$$$$$$$$$
This method is the fastest method to earn money. How to do it:
1. Find a funny video at youtube or maybe an adult website.
2. Copy the link and make it a linkbucks link.
3. Simply share it to your friends and family and tell them to wait for 5 minutes and click on skip ad. Then, they will be directed to the website/video you want them to go to.
4. Don't stop there. Share the links to all your friends in social medias. Make sure to shorten your links with bit.ly so you won't get banned.

Fifth Method: Bookmarks Method
This method involves yourself and your browser.
1. Copy the link of 5 sites that you visit daily and make all of it a linkbucks link.
2. Bookmark the linkbucks link.
3. Everyday, each IP can only earn 5 clicks so make sure you only copy 5 links and make sure that the sites are the sites you visit daily.
4. Wake up every morning and go to the link you want.

If you want to suggest a method, comment it.
Sincerely, Anonymous User.