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Thread: my campaign got rejected

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    Default my campaign got rejected


    I tried to create 2 campaigns yesterday, and it got rejected,

    can you kindly let me know the reason, I just used a shortner service without any ad in between

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    These are restrictions for advertisers:

    Any kind of notification prompt that appears without any kind of user interaction. User interaction is defined as a mouse click on the ad or page. Popup windows are allowed as long as a user clicked the page.
    Javascript that interferes with our ad serving system or hangs the client browser.
    Frame breaker scripts or automatic redirects that takes a user away from the Site.
    Promoting your own Site link. This violates the framebreaker rules.
    Distributing any kind of illegal content or child pornography. Illegal content includes software piracy as well.
    Distributing any kind of virus or malware software.
    Malicious attacks only other people or organizations. (Racism, Slander, etc)
    Tricking users into believing the advertisement is part of the Site.
    Cookie stuffing other affiliate offers or pages.
    Read these and if you haven't broken any rules contact support:

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