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Thread: receiving payment?

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    Default receiving payment?

    Since payza is no longer an option i recently got my payoneer card in the mail and changed everything to that. I was just wondering if people were getting there payments from linkbucks.


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    It was instant! Didn't realize i had to accept payment in my payoneer account. Hope this thread sheds some light for other people who are trying to get paid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohammed View Post
    Please urgent help needed.

    My payoneer card is not sending and receiving payments since yesterday

    Everything was going well and good but all of the sudden

    something went wrong and I was unable to receive a payment of 100 yesterday.

    Moreover, I also pay for fb ads almost daily the card wasnt working there also.

    Is it just a temporary technical issue.
    Contact payoneer support directly, this would be better.

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