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    Please can you add bitcoin payments?

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    Bitcoin is a good option for making payment.Worth adding..
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregory021998 View Post
    Please can you add bitcoin payments?
    guide at

    It is rather good to have the variant of payments in bitcoins. And another opportunity is connected to the work with them and where to earn. As for me, it is necessary to work according to the guides provided.

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    Rarely I see bitcoin payments on different sites and it's strange. Blockchain is safe although not that anonymous. But it can be significantly improved if you use bitcoin mixers. Check this review on one of them. You'll find all the pros and cons of it.

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    Bitcoin payment solution is one of the fastest ways to make payments all across the world it is not only a payment solution but it is a multi million dollar industry. Any one using this method of payment can use the custom mobile apps for this purpose which can lead to provide ease to the users.

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