Ok so I left your competitors and came to linkbucks after learning they don't allow use on adult sites. unfortunately it seams useless for what i was want to do.

Your competitor has a feature called easy link, it lets you ad something to the beginning of any url that will show an ad without having to shorten the link on the website.

like this: first http://competitorurl/userid/ and then the url to the page like: http://www.google.com

Example: http://competitorurl/userid/http://www.google.com

this is important to me because I have a feature that allows users to download all the attachments in a gallery with the click of a button on the fly.

Example on this page: http://www.fapmasters.com/2015/01/23...lfies-18-pics/

unfortunately the urls are temporary and different for every page, I used to add the easy link url directly into the plugin before the temporary url code.

Like This: echo "http://competitorurl/userid/".zip_attachments_url."/download.php?za_filename=".sanitize_title($filenam e)."&za_file=".$file;

Users had to wait for the ad before download. Now my users are downloading zip files with no interstitial ads to make it worth it for me.

I would really like to see this feature added to linkbucks.