Hi! My username is bigbudha, you can check from my transactiton history
that I have been one of your loyal advertiser till this day.

But these lately I notice a bit something that bothers me, most of the
campaigns I created lately get less traffic than it was shown on goo.gl
analytic. it was so much different from my first experiences when I
advertise on linkbucks where I always got more traffic on goo.gl
analytic than what it reported from your site.

If it was small amount of traffic, I won't be bothered, but if it goes
to couple hundred of traffic that I don't really get received -that's
definitely worrying. I don't know what is wrong, may be lots of
publisher doing more cheat these days, just guess. I hope you can fix
this, because it makes the advertiser like me have to spend more money
to replace the traffic that is missing for my client.

Thank you for your attention.