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Thread: cool new idea of making money through linkbucks&, blog , youtube

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    Arrow cool new idea of making money through linkbucks&, blog , youtube

    Actually I got this ideas from reading these forums .am a newbie here but my idea will surely help u ..

    1. Method: posting links on a used goods reseller website

    First create account in websi]te like olx or gumtree, etc post an add about selling an used item for lesser & attractive price. Upload a single image of an item related to it and give a little description and write for more description andimages follow link below link and post linkbucks link there
    Definitely every one will click .it should earn u $1 aday but donot put porn links there
    Click to register free~

    2:method:create a HD video blog
    watch out for viral videos on youtube copy its link it'll be like
    Heres the trick remove www.) and add SS to it its ssyoutubecom/abcde ...convert it to linkbucks link and post it on blog titled as click below link to download video in HD or other formats sure u"ll get good clicks and satisfy downloaders . SEE MY TUTORIAL~

    Note : is a YouTube downloader website .
    If subscribeer complaint not working links. Give direct link

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    NALANDARG thanks you.
    I have another cool trick just need to check in to see if i can do this.

    I have been with linkbucks for a while and i found a cool way to make a few dollars a day with the FAMILY SAFE links.
    I use text messaging to make a few dollars a day and its slowly growing.
    Most people click them and i can send out tons on messages and no one will get my phone number.

    Now my question is can i do that send text messages with the family safe links? I don't want to get banned.
    Two things use is craigslist and texted messaging.

    I use a app called textnow. I download on my 'computer only' cause they can't call back to a computer. Textnow app will give you a phone number so when you send out text messages they will see that number textnow app gave you but calling back to your computer dont work.
    Now i go to craigslist go to the for sale and type in trade. Now i send them messages asking if they would trade for this AND HERE I PUT THE LINKBUCK LINK.
    Now after you send out tons of messages just unstall app. Next day re download textnow app and you will get another new phone number lol.
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