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    I create new campaign yesterday and I've wait many hours for my campaign.
    After my campaign active I want to add new country target, but I cant see any tools to use.

    Finally I create new campaign and delete old campaign (link target still same), but my campaign status is back again to "Review"
    I've contact via "Contact Us" page but no one staff reply my ticket untill right now.

    Why Linkbucks support renspond superrr very slow ? how much staff in this network ? even though it is no more than 4 minutes after my campaign active - contact via ticket.

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    Things definitely could be faster. Of course all submitted campaigns go into a queue and we have to wait our turn. All campaigns have to wait to be approved, including after an edit.

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    Sometimes we get backlogged. We do our best to approve your campaigns as fast possible, though there variables which can cause delay. Thank you for your patience! FYI: If you don't cause issues (100% flawless campaign submissions), the mod will prioritize you and eventually give you auto-approval for having a perfect record. Campaign problems may naturally lower your priority. The best advertisers with the best reputation get highest priority.
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    I also experienced the same thing, waiting for the approval of the campaign.
    approximately how many days to review a link to be approved?

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