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Thread: More ways to pay for our ads

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    Default More ways to pay for our ads

    Just tried to deposit funds see only PayPal now. It was bad enough when had to do credit cards with merchant account. Now same with PayPal playing credit card Russian roulette see which of my 40-60 cards will work. I have so many cards I need 3 wallets for them all.

    As hard is to write and mail a check it be much easier.

    Only merchant accounts been easy online to fund with are 2checkout, clickbank, or Payza they take my cards everytime no wasted hours trying to get it to work.

    Well I keep checking and when better solution available I start buying again.

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    nice your post thank you

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    I am trying to send email by email campaign but app is not performing well. There is some issue I think as I am not getting any emails sent. Please check college paper issue and let me know as soon as possible.

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    Thanks a lot for sharing this. It is really good to know the different methods that will help us to earn more by posting adds. I would like to try out some of the methods that are shared here. how to increase conversion rate in sales

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