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    I have recently bought some ads campaigns here on and on linkbucks... .on Linkbucks results are worse than on, so I have to admit that is better (even if rates are higher)... but taking into account the results separately..... both and Linkbucks were a waste of money, at least taking into account my experience.

    It seems traffic is not good: it clicks the link and then close it without letting the timer finish, or it simply doesn't care of the ads... I tried to advertise some nice landing pages... results were terrible... very few registered on the websites, despite spending more than 100 euro on both websites.

    Result: I don't know if I will buy again ads here and I will probably not suggest both sites to advertisers. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I was advertising one of the highest paying and high in terms of conversion sectors... and results were simply bad.

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    Well, there are some advertisers spending thousands and they continue to do so... Perhaps you just got unlucky.

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience. What campaigns are you running?
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    Certain times, paid campaigns doesn't works for getting traffic. However, you can still get traffic to your site at cheap price by getting it optimized as well as promoted by hiring a well experienced and professional SEO company.

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    I am new to LinkBucks and coming also from and

    Definitively these networks are not useful at all to advertise for a big one reason. All show a unique referer (for linkbucks is "linkbuckmedia") and this is a a very big red flag for advertisers where we send the linkbuck traffic.

    The only option here to avoid be banned by cpa or cpc advertisers of our landing pages is to fake the referrers or to "spoof" the referrers. If not, we lost money and time and accounts !

    right now, I am pausing my campaigns and I will look for this kind of script. Anybody knows one ?
    I know spoofr dot net (expensive). offer the option to fake the referrer but I have not tried for now...
    because the minimum account on adfoc is high

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    blanblun, you do not get charged if the user closes the ad before the 8 second timer has elapsed. This is indicated in your reporting as "Attempts". The attempt field increments when a user visits the page. The Delivered metric is traffic that remained on the page for 8 seconds or longer and was deducted from your campaign.

    What countries were you advertising? What type of campaign were you promoting? I'd like to get an idea of how we compared to

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