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Thread: Getting an error when link is clicked

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    Default Getting an error when link is clicked

    I have no clue what the problem is. I create the link I copy it I paste it and wait. After getting no clicks on this link I decided to risk it and clicked my own link and this is what shows up. I'm guessing this is why there are no clicks showing up.

    Here is the link. It's a porn site so if you are offended by porn or are not of legal viewing age don't click it.

    This is the message I'm seeing when the link is clicked. Anyone have a clue WTF is wrong.
    Error 404

    Domain is not associated with your account. If you want to handle this traffic, you need to configure the domain in the Settings tab.

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    Issue is with ad not with the link in your case. When someone clicks your link and waits 5 second and then skips ad is what counts as a click.

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