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Thread: Help a beginner , noobie

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    Default Help a beginner , noobie

    hey hi everyone,

    I am new here. I just signed up with linkbucks, found about it on a review website.

    My background: I am a 21 year old guy, who wants to make passive income online. My target is to achieve $100/day, currently i am only making $3-4 per day using CPA methods and adult tube website

    Last month i created an adult tube website using this guide:

    As of now i am getting 300-400 visitors per day. Now i am thinking of adding a comic section in my website where thumbnails will be displayed and when someone clicks on the image for full size image he/she will be shown a linkbucks url before moving forward

    Since i am a newbie, any suggestions and advice will be helpful. How much money can i make and how can i scale this method. I know i am asking too many questions but please help a fellow guy make money.

    Thanks in advance

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    For help getting started, please visit the help sections, FAQ, and various web tutorials (and of course these forums) if you need creative ideas and so forth. Consider using a script if you have a web site or page (bulk link conversion), and publish everywhere you possibly can.

    Don't forget to read the rules! Good luck and have fun!

    If you have more particular questions or need help with something specific, there are advertisers here who may be able to offer their experience/advice.
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    Hello, I am a newbie in this site...
    Can anybody please help me on how to earn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by asterfinnian View Post
    Hello, I am a newbie in this site...
    Can anybody please help me on how to earn?

    You can apply for job at write my paper service. You can earn a lot if you will constantly work on assigned orders.

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    Hi! I am a newbie in this forum...
    Can anybody please help me on how to earn?

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    a good way to earn money is to set up a cams site and mount livejasmin, cam4 or chaturbate banners

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    For you it is better to visit and try to earn money there

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    HI! I'm a newbie too! I've been watching all of the links that you been posting on this forum and it has been really helpful. Thank you all. But still, I feel like a need more advise. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but what you mean is that the money I'll earn depends on how many links do I publish daily? how many views? If I use the script it won't be tracked as spam? I mean if its the same text trough all of the websites I feel like I will be banned or something on this sites. Is that how it works?
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