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Thread: Is Linkbucks Still Good Advertising System

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    Default Is Linkbucks Still Good Advertising System

    Hey guys anyone got any reviews of Linkbucks advertising?I'm interested in advertising my sites

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    Most of our advertisers who have tried several ad networks agree that Linkbucks is the most effective and provides a great ROI.

    That said, there are many variables to consider when considering leads/conversions.

    The only way to determine effectiveness is to run some test campaigns.

    Keep in mind that you'll want to run fairly aggressive campaigns (about $100 per campaign) to get a good idea of how it will perform.

    In other words, don't judge performance on a tiny $20 campaign and blame it on the traffic.

    It's not uncommon for top advertisers to spend thousands weekly in order to get the most possible efficiency, value, and feedback.
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    The post is interesting. It asks the question, that is, Is Linkbucks Still Good Advertising System. It is said that Linkbucks is a free link-shortening service that gives its users to share their shorten links. They have one of the finest sponsorship deals with top advertisers that let them place ads when visitors are linking to a page. There are a variety of reasons that makes it a very popular network like, it presents two kinds of ads one is CPM based interstitial ads that pay for every view and the other is CPA based link locker ads.

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    Default Dissertation Writing Service

    Yes, Linkbucks is the best source for Advertising. I also want to use this system for advertising my Dissertation Help UK.

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