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Thread: Money not deposited

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    Default Money not deposited

    I transferred $20 from my debit card to linkbucks through paypal on 5th dec 2016 but it does not show in my account.

    Receipt No: 1721-8645-0095-0386

    PS : I already sent a support ticket but did not receive proper reply

    I attached the screenshot of the mail i received from paypal
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    Is it showing your funds now?

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    This is a great problem. You know, I often win money on and I am always afraid that I will not able to et them. Fortunately, I have always been successful and got my money. But I understand your pain

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    Initially I thought the same but when I cheeked my online wallet at casinor, I realized that the money was deposited. It was just a small shock but I am relieved that it was there.

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