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Thread: Earnings went down!!

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    Unhappy Earnings went down!!

    For a couple of months, I have a decrease of my gainds, I have between 8000 and 10000 visits a day of which I make only 1.4 Us. Even adfly pay more for this number of visits... Hope the gainds get up soon or I stop using Linkbucks with great pain since it I has been used for 4 years but the profits are very down.

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    Hey this really depends upon countries rates from where most of your visitors are coming from and moreover rates are not constant. Have a look:
    If a CPM is $1 that means $1/1000 ad impressions

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    For recent years, the linkbucks have been decreased their earning. SO the profits are very down. For this reason, may clients have need to stop using this? What would the reason for this Earnings went down in the linkbuck?

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