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Thread: What's going on with you LinkBucks?

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    Default What's going on with you LinkBucks?

    I have been a user of Linkbucks for 2 years, I am the owner of several web pages with a lot of traffic (some more than 1 million visits a day) I mainly work with PopUps .. I've allways used LinkBucks because the payments were instantly and the popups are not very intrusive for my users, but I do not understand what is happening to you lately, the payments take more than 2 weeks and if that were not enough, paypal is taking commission when Linkbucks sends you a payment ... in 2 years using linkbucks the payments were never so slow or something like this happened ... if the problem is not solved I will have to look for another solution, greetings to all.

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    Is that so? I am not much aware of this site. Are you guys using this site for transferring money? buy legal cbd Could you please explain the benefits of using this site? So I can decide whether I need to use this site or not.

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