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    So, I kinda made a mistake in just putting my website directly into my campaign before looking into how to get the most out of those views. My campaign is still in review so maybe if I'm lucky I'll have time to edit it a bit.

    Those of you who have been successful with LinkBucks Advertising, do you recommend using a landing page? If so, what's your process? Example, how do you make your landing page and where do you go for hosting?

    I'm not new to internet marketing, but I'm 100% unsuccessful and inexperienced in the few years I've been trying it off and on, so this time I'd like some advice before moving forward.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello! In general, of course, focus on this service. And stick to a few things without which any page will be just an ordinary next site. Fill it with minimal marketing elements, hot buttons and use the services of good UX-UI design

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    Landing may make sense for some tasks, for example, when you sell your service. In other cases, when you already have many services and you are not the only one working, it is better to think about creating a full-fledged site and do its promotion. After all, the site can become a source of new customers. For example, I created a site beste online casino . And now it makes me happy

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