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Thread: My payment has been reviewed for 5 days

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    Default My payment has been reviewed for 5 days

    My payment has been reviewed for 5 days. When can I be paid? My member account is qasdwc8

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    What is the source of your visits

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    Quote Originally Posted by qasdwc8 View Post
    My payment has been reviewed for 5 days. When can I be paid? My member account is qasdwc8
    Hi, I am thinking its your first time so you are worried, but don't worry. You will get it in a week, if there are many requests or some problems, it might get delayed but you will get your payment for sure. Payments are processed in a queue and with larger amounts getting higher priority.

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    Maybe you are a new member but you don't need to worry because sometimes a lot of people are present in the queue and they usually provide a high preference for those who have a large amount. While on the other hand, as a qualified LinkedIn profile writer whenever I complete my work on freelancing platforms then they usually review my account for 7 days and I got payment after 8 days after reviewing but there is no risk at all.

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    Some times the system takes so much time in the payment process. You will get paid very soon to your business account
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