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Thread: Linkbucks Blog?

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    Default Linkbucks Blog?

    Can anyone help me in solving this mystery
    i have 2 blogs both on full page script linkbucks
    but there is this linkbucks blog
    which i don't know what to do
    i put it in various modes of ads but no matter whoever clicks it
    no response
    what is this special types like a blog in rectangle
    so should i think that the linkbucks blog was actually nothing to earn?

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    in your threads


    With the linkbucks blog you get money everytime someone visits the blog.
    Get some free Bitcoins every hour!

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    Link bucks blog is new here. I am just waiting for these blogs which are here with 123helpme login. I want to make links better and whole which is here is really needed to take these bucks from given blog ever.

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