Hello loyal publishers,

As you know, Linkbucks is undergoing ownership change, hence the accounting complications. No, this is not an excuse to avoid payouts. Running an international network revolving around money is indeed complicated. We want to pay you out as bad as you want to be paid out.

In realizing that everyone has waited long enough, they have found a loophole in order to pay everyone out via Paypal only. If your pay method is set to anything else, we recommend you change it to Paypal for the quickest possible payout.

Note 1: Some payments had to be returned to Linkbucks balances! In this case, please request another payment.

Note 2: Some payments are failing due to Paypal errors on the user side, which is obviously beyond our control! This could be due to a Paypal account limitation, or a setting within your Paypal account which only allows payments to be made through your merchant website (and not directly), or some other conflict which you must fix before requesting payments. Make sure your Paypal account is set properly to receive payments!

Please contact support if you have any questions. Thanks for your patience and understanding!